Three Natural Beauty Brands with Sustainable Packaging

Photo Credit: Kjaer Weis 

Today’s post is a guest post I wrote for Sage & Seneca, a fantastic DC-based website promoting a natural and and sustainable lifestyle. 

Beauty brands are starting to realize that sustainability is key when it comes to creating beautiful, environmentally-friendly packaging. Gone are the days of single-use plastics being the norm. Now, brands are pushing themselves to raise the bar for sustainable packaging, and creating fantastic products in the process. Here are three of my favorite natural beauty brands that are killing it with their sustainable packaging.

Kjaer Weis

If there was ever a gold standard for sustainable packaging, it would be Kjaer Weis. This Danish line’s versatile makeup products are housed in chic, refillable metal compacts. Once empty, you can simply pop the empty container out of the compact and drop in a new one. They also make multi-product palettes that are fully customizable to suit your perfect color needs. They are pricey, but once you start using them you’ll be hard pressed to go back!

Want to see my other two picks? Head over to Sage & Seneca to read more!


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