Star Bright Farms Facial Oil

I am so incredibly excited to share my experience collaborating with Star Bright Farms on their two newest products: the Youthful Glow and the Golden Glow facial serums! Formulating these two gorgeous facial oils was such a labor of love and it’s amazing to finally see them out in the world. Read on to learn more about the formulation process and the serums themselves!

Star Bright Farms facial oil
The Youthful Glow facial oil
The Formulation

As a skincare formulator, one of my biggest challenges is sourcing the highest quality botanical ingredients. When I started looking for an organic lavender source that also distilled hydrosols and essential oils, I knew Star Bright Farms was the perfect place. During sourcing trips to the farm, I was incredibly lucky to meet the lovely owner Helen. We chatted all things skincare, including the Star Bright line of products using botanicals from the farm. It was during these conversations that we discussed the opportunity to collaborate on a facial oil.

Star Bright Farms facial oil
One of my first trips to Star Bright Farms, sourcing botanicals for my skincare formulations

Helen and I both agreed that facial oils would be a perfect product to showcase botanical infusions utilizing some of the organic herbs and flowers grown right at Star Bright Farm. Lavender was an obvious choice, but we also discussed other skin-beneficial ingredients that would work well in a facial oil. After a few calls and emails, I set to work developing a few trial formulations and sent them to Helen to review.


An early version of the Golden Flow facial serum

From these first formulations, Helen and I continued to refine the parameters of the facial serum based on the target audience and Helen’s own taste. We eventually realized that we couldn’t pick just one – so we ended up developing two! One targeting more mature, dry skin in need of moisture, the other focused on younger skin that might need more balancing.

The final test versions of the Youthful Glow and Golden Glow serums!

Eventually, we landed on two formulations that would become Youthful Glow and Golden Glow. I sent over the final formulations and now these gorgeous oils are made right on the Star Bright property, using botanicals straight from the farm.

The Facial Oils
The Youthful Flow facial oil

The first serum is called Youthful Glow, and is geared towards younger skin. Youthful Glow features nourishing argan oil, poppy seed oil, and sea buckthorn oil (giving it that gorgeous orange color). The star of the show is a botanical infusion of Star Bright Farm tulsi, also known as holy basil. I love this ingredient for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties: perfect for sensitive skin in need of some pampering.

The Golden Flow facial oil

The second serum is Golden Glow, formulated for more mature skin to help soften and even out complexion. Golden Glow features a restorative blend of argan oil, rosehip seed oil, and precious evening primrose oil. The highlight is an infusion of Star Bright Farm lavender and calendula.

Both of these oils also work in perfect harmony with the Star Bright hydrosols. A quick spritz on dry skin before a few drops of either facial oil is my favorite start to any skincare routine. I love the Balance hydrosol blend with the Youthful Glow and the Refresh blend with Golden Glow.

Star Bright Farms facial oil
The Star Bright Farms facial oils for sale in the Barn Market

Want to try these products for yourself? You can find them at the Barn Market at Star Bright Farms or order them directly online!

Photos of the final products all courtesy of Helen Norman Photography and Star Bright Farms.



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