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Why Reagan Hart Calls Her Company Low Beauty a “Love Letter”

Reagan Hart, founder of Low Beauty

I’m so excited to introduce you to Reagan Hart, beauty YouTuber and founder of low waste sheet mask company Low Beauty. Reagan and I had a chance introduction at Take Care Shop, and I’ve been so inspired by her innovative take on the low waste movement. This post is part of a series focusing on sustainability in the beauty industry. To read more, check out these articles on a sustainable lavender farm in upstate Maryland, an up-and-coming luxury beauty brand based in Alabama, and an ethnobotanist in the Sonoran desert of Arizona. 

Hi Reagan! Tell me about yourself and your background in beauty.

Hi! So, I’ve worn many different hats in the beauty space. I’ve worked retail at Ulta Beauty, been to esthetician school, created content as a beauty influencer, and worked for a clean beauty retailer in Shanghai’s e-commerce space.

Where did the idea for Low Beauty Come from?

Well, I first discovered sheet masks when I was living in Hong Kong 10 years ago. I loved the immediate glowy, facial effect they gave me! I did recognize that they were a single-use product and created a lot of waste. I decided to develop a solution for single-use sheet mask waste, so I went to Taiwan to work on product development. The lab I worked with and I came up with the concept of a water-soluble hydrogel mask! The mask stays stable at room temperature and dissolves in hot water.

The Low Beauty sheet mask
Low Beauty launched on Nov. 5 with the $16 Hydrating Green Tea Facial Mask. The mask dissolves in hot water.
What makes the Low Beauty mask so unique?

The mask is unique because it dissolves in hot water and the outside cartridge it comes in is a prepaid envelope to send the satchel and wrappings back for TerraCycle.

Tell me more about the low impact model that you’ve created. How are you making sustainability more accessible to beauty consumers?

I grew up on a farm, and we never recycled… I now live in The Bay Area, where recycling is much more accessible. I want that accessibility to be available to everyone, everywhere. As long as you have a mailbox, you can return the mask’s packaging for recycling. You don’t even have to leave your house! We even have an international option for those outside of The United States. As a note, sheet mask satchels cannot be recycled in most city systems, so even if recycling is available, that doesn’t mean satchels will actually be recycled.

What was the process of finding a manufacturing partner like? Was it intimidating doing things yourself as a first time entrepreneur?

I made a few trips to Taiwan to find the right partner. I connected with one factory as it has been ranked as one of Taiwan’s best places to work. I also went to the same university as one of the employees and enjoyed an entertaining karaoke session with a few others. I wasn’t intimidated because I didn’t understand the gravity of what I was doing!

Reagan Hart, founder of Low Beauty
Reagan Hart, founder of Low Beauty
You called Low Beauty a love letter – tell me more about that.

Low Beauty is a Love Letter to my time in The East. Ironically enough, the mask is sealed in an envelope… I spent my twenties living in The Far East. It’s where I met my husband and found my inner confidence.

What’s been the biggest success so far?

My biggest success so far is being interviewed by yourself and Beauty Independent!

Lastly, what are your plans for Low Beauty in the future?

I would like to enter Low Beauty into retail stores!

To learn more about Low Beauty, or to purchase one of the Low Beauty sheet masks, check out

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