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Edible Flowers Make This Hibiscus Cocktail Totally Magical

Hibiscus Cocktail With Edible Flowers

I’m back at it again with another summery cocktail inspired by nature. This time, it’s a Hibiscus Lemon Twist. Remember those Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers from Starbucks? This is like that, but all grown-up. Read on for the recipe!

P.S. Looking for more cocktails utilizing sustainably-grown herbs and flowers? Check out my recipe for a Lavender Gin Fizz with lavender from Star Bright Farm in Maryland.

The star of this drink is, naturally, the hibiscus. I bought some beautiful dried hibiscus flowers from Gathered Threads Farm in Virginia, but you can also use hibiscus tea. Hibiscus is known for its health benefits, but I love it just for the flavor. It’s tart and sweet, with a beautiful earthiness.

The Lemon Hibiscus Twist cocktail with edible flowers from a sustainable farm.
The Lemon Hibiscus Twist
The Hibiscus Lemon Twist

Makes 2 servings, to share with a friend or enjoy alone with a good book and some sunshine!

  • 4oz vodka or your clear spirit of choice
  • 2 oz lemon juice
  • 2 oz hibiscus simple syrup*

Combine the ingredients in a shaker with crushed ice. Shake and strain into coup glasses, or into tall glasses with more crushed ice. The hibiscus syrup will be ruby red, which gives the cocktail a lovely pale pink color.

*To make the hibiscus simple syrup, combine 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup hot water, and 2 tablespoons dried organic hibiscus petals (adjust hibiscus to taste). Allow to steep and come down to room temperature. Strain out the hibiscus and chill until you’re ready to use.  

The Lemon Hibiscus Twist cocktail with edible flowers from a sustainable farm.
Beautiful edible flowers from Little Wild Things

Now I promised you magical cocktails, so this is where the extra points come in. While picking up a salad share from Little Wild Things urban farm in Washington, DC, I nabbed a package of mixed edible flowers. This particular set included violas, pansies, limited gem marigolds, and snap dragons. I had no idea what to use them for, but they were too pretty to resist!

After chatting with some of the lovely people at Little Wild Things, someone mentioned that the flowers were frequently used to decorate cookies and cakes. I had no plans of baking, but I thought a cocktail would suffice!

The Lemon Hibiscus Twist cocktail with edible flowers from a sustainable farm.
Edible Flowers and the Lemon Hibiscus Spritz

Lo and behold, the flowers were perfect. They add a delicate touch to the cocktails and I think they just look so sweet. They instantly turned a nice cocktail into something really special.

It’s been so fun to find new ways to incorporate local and sustainable ingredients into my summer cocktails. Keep an eye out for more and I hope you enjoy!


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