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This post is part of a series of natural skincare brands that I love, each unique and special in its own way! For more, check out my reviews of Mila and Heretic Parfum.

In the natural skincare world there are a few brands that check all of the boxes: high performance, luxurious packaging, edited selection. Tammy Fender is one of those brands.

The Tammy Fender Experience

Tammy Fender is not for the casual skincare enthusiast. These are serious quality products that you will pay dearly for. However, I’m happy to report that they deliver on all fronts. I first discovered this range when I was exploring brands for my mom to use during chemotherapy. I wanted something suitable for her skin but also able to meet her very high standards. After trying out a few samples, she was absolutely sold and has loved the brand since. She even booked a visit to the Tammy Fender Spa in West Palm Beach, Florida for a holistic facial!

In my experience, higher-end brands founded by aestheticians and medical doctors often deliver the best bang for your buck. That is certainly true here. The products are all incredibly potent and go surprisingly far. The website has informational pages for all of the key ingredients, outlining the benefit of each. They also have a great blog that is regularly updated highlighting ingredients and notes on clean eating, lifestyle, and wellness.

My Favorite Tammy Fender Products

If you’re looking for a treat or know someone who deserves a little pampering, my favorite products are the Intensive Repair Balm, the Quintessential Serum, and the Epi Peel exfoliating mask. You can buy Tammy Fender products from major green retailers like Follain, smaller local shops like Take Care Shop in DC, and of course, from Tammy’s spa in Palm Beach, Florida. Tammy Fender also offers free shipping on all orders and two deluxe samples with orders over $75.

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